What Is the Lowest-Carb Dry Dog Food?

The four main parts of your dog's diet are protein, fats, moisture and carbohydrates. If the vet's advised you to watch your pup's carb intake, use simple math to determine his food's carbohydrate content.

Calculating Carbs

To calculate a food's carbohydrate content, you'll need to know the amount of fat, protein, water and ash in your pup's food. Ash is the mineral residue left behind after the kibble has been processed. Starting with 100 -- as in 100 percent -- subtract the percentages of protein, fat, water and ash content listed in the guaranteed analysis; this will give you an estimate of the food's carbohydrate content. Don't worry about fiber; it's considered a carbohydrate and will be part of your end result.

Low-Carb Dry Dog Food

The Dog Food Project lists several brands and varieties of dry dog foods as low-carbohydrate dog foods: Artemis Fresh Mix Maximal; Canine Caviar Venison and Split Pea Adult Dinner; Champion Pet Foods Orijen Adult, Puppy, Large Breed Puppy, Senior, and 6 Fresh Fish; Diamond Taste of the Wild High Prarie and Wild Wetlands Surf and Turf; Fromm Grain Free Surf and Turf; Merrick Before Grain Buffalo, Chicken and Salmon; Timberwolf Wild and Natural; Solid Gold Barking at the Moon; Wellness Core Ocean, Reduced Fat and Original; Natura's Evo Reduced Fat, Large/Small Bites and Red Meat Large/Small Bites.

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