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Cat Lazarus is enjoying his lazy Sunday

It was almost two years to the day that Kats Lazarus was saved from freezing to death on Thanksgiving 2015 in Utah, United States. At that time the Bingham family provided first aid and took in the little foundling. In the meantime, Lazarus has turned into a pretty hangover who is really enjoying himself with the family - for example on his lazy Sunday. He is not that dissimilar to people, as this video shows.

"Sundays are for doing nothing," thinks tomcat Lazarus. But the pretty velvet paw with the ice-blue eyes and the subtle, cream-colored point drawing is spoiled for choice: where should it lie on your lazy skin in your cozy home with the Bingham family?

Because the cat cannot decide, the kitchen chair comes first and then the cozy blanket on the sofa, on which Lazarus almost dozes off. What does the Stubentiger dream of? Maybe from fish, because the animated film "Finding Nemo" is shown in the background on TV.

Before Lazarus finally slips into the land of cat dreams, he quickly changes places again and chugs on the warm belly of his master Branden Bingham, who lovingly curls his fur when he falls asleep.

Cuddly cats snuggle up to sleep

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