Puppy protection: How long is it valid?

When it comes to how long puppy protection applies to dogs, it is important to note another thing first: unconditional consideration for a baby dog ​​only applies within its own pack and not when foreign dogs meet. Puppy protection in dogs only applies under certain conditions - Image: Shutterstock / Mikkel Bigandt

In principle, the topic of puppy protection is not too relevant for the owners of a new puppy. Apart from the fact that small dogs only enjoy this protection in their dog family anyway - usually with the breeder - when they move into their new family, the dogs are usually already too old to benefit from it.

That's how long puppy protection applies

In order for puppies to still enjoy puppy protection, they must not be older than around 14 weeks, i.e. a little over three months old. From an age of about eight weeks it can happen that an older dog occasionally pushes the cocky youngster into its place - of course without biting the physically inferior dog. At the latest after the first 14 weeks of life, the relatives of the puppies also expect that the young dogs will now adhere to the rules of dog care.

Protection only in your own pack

Puppy protection is wrongly understood by many people as a free pass for a young dog. Because older dogs are considerate of him, nothing could happen to the puppy, even if he is too impetuous or pushy. However, since puppy protection is a behavior that serves to preserve species within its own breed, only the dogs from one and the same pack inherently take the little ones into consideration - this does not mean, of course, that most four-legged friends are still not well enough educated and socialized are to spare a puppy a bit.

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Beware of strange dogs

Therefore, it is important to take good care of the young dog, to socialize it and to train it well. Even if your dog still enjoys puppy protection, you should be careful outdoors or when dealing with other dogs. Some puppies walk around the world as if they belonged to them. This can go against the grain of a strange dog on the dog meadow or on the street.

So that your little lout is not overwhelmed by a charging adult dog and becomes afraid, you should always ask the owner of the other four-legged friend if he has any dog ​​encounters whether he has experience in dealing with puppies. Injured dogs are very unlikely, but not excluded.

The best way to avoid aggressive, very rebellious foreign dogs is to avoid a dog fight between him and your puppy. Because again: puppy protection is not a free ticket.

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