Insect bite in dogs: first aid

Summer is insect time. If your dog has an insect bite while romping or walking around, first aid is needed. With these tips, you can prevent worse consequences. Insect bite in the dog: first aid - Image: Shutterstock / Fabricio Nihues

Animals are usually more susceptible to insect bites than humans when they rage outside. First aid can be very important in some cases - so you should examine your dog as soon as possible if a bee, wasp or other insect stings it. Otherwise, the possible consequences could be fever or infections.

Insect bite: This helps immediately

First, try to find the exact location of the stitch. Very important for first aid: cooling! Use a rag or cooling elements from the freezer box dipped in cold water. However, you should never put these directly on the skin of your pet - this could lead to frostbite. It is best to wrap the cooling element or pillow in a cloth. If your dog is too excited after the insect bite to cool down, you can also spray it off with the garden hose. It is only important that the water is pleasantly cool. The measure of cooling is elementary so that the pain subsides and the possible swelling goes down.

First aid: How to protect your dog

If your dog loads the affected part of the body as usual about 30 minutes after the insect bite and cooling, you can assume that he does not need any further help. If your four-legged friend is obviously still in pain, is suffering from shortness of breath or the affected areas are swollen, you should urgently visit a veterinarian. If the insect bite is on or in the snout or generally on the head, you should take it to the doctor as soon as possible - in case of doubt it is better to go to the doctor once rather than too little. There may also be an allergy.