Front seat extender for dogs

Front seat extender for dogs

You may wonder why your dog would want to be in the front seat of the car, but it could be for a number of reasons. Dogs do like to be where they can control the environment and also get a good view out of the window. Another reason could be that they have access to their food and water bowls, as there is more room for these items in the front seat area.

What is a Front Seat Extender for Dogs?

The front seat extender for dogs can be used to extend your dog’s comfort zone. It is a little like a chair or a padded bench that is meant to attach to the back of your car seat or a regular seat in the car. You can put your dog in the front seat if they prefer to be there or if you feel it will help to calm them down in the car.

The front seat extender for dogs can also make it easier for them to see out of the car window. By sitting up straight they will be more visible from the outside. It can also help them to keep warm as they will be sitting more upright.

How does it work?

The front seat extender is a cushion and can be attached to the back of your seat or to a spare seat. It can be used on any car seat. It’s basically the same as any dog seat that you may already have at home. They will fit into the back of your car seat using clips or car seat adapters.

Why would my dog need a front seat extender?

It will make your dog’s comfort zone feel a little bigger. Your dog will have a greater area where they can sit and relax. As the car drives forward their head will always be higher up so they won’t bump into anything.

How can I get my dog into the front seat?

It is recommended that you get your dog used to the front seat extender in the car or at home before you need to use it in the car. Your dog may enjoy the extra space but may be scared of it at first. If they are frightened, it may make them anxious to go into the car and will prevent them from coming back to it if they are happy. You can try sitting in the back with them if they are happy to be in the backseat.

Is there anything I should be aware of?

You will need to make sure that the seat in the back is large enough to accommodate your dog. If they have small paws or long legs, they may have difficulty getting into the back seat. Your dog should have enough space and enough room to move around in the back seat and your pet needs to be able to get out if they feel distressed or get too hot. Make sure you check the owner’s manual for more information on this.

Can I use it on the back seat?

We have sold a front seat extender as well as the back seat extender so you can use one or both. There are only two things that you should be aware of before buying one or both of these products. Firstly, the seat pad and seat belt need to match and need to be in the right place. Secondly, the seat in the back needs to be large enough for your dog to be able to fit in. If your dog is bigger than average, it may not fit in the back. You can read more about the back seat here. You can find the front seat extender here.

Does it work on the back seats in the 4x4 and 4x2 trucks?

Yes, it is safe for your dog and has been designed to fit in the front and back seat on the Ford, Toyota, Mazda, Toyota and Mazda trucks. You can find the seat extender for the back seats here.

Are there any safety concerns?

The seat extender is designed to work with the seat belts. The seat belt retractor will still need to be set correctly for the seat extender to work. In terms of being safe, the dog’s air bag will need to be set to a safe level. Your dog will be able to get out of the vehicle if it is trapped in the seat.

If you think the seat extender could be dangerous to use, we are happy to provide a no obligation review of the seat extender that you can have. We provide this as a safety check to ensure your dog is safe with our products.

How much does the seat extender cost?

The seat extender can be bought through our website. Our system is quick and easy to navigate. You can use a secure link that will allow you to safely buy products from us. We make sure we are always 100% secure and have a full money back guarantee if you’re not happy with our product.

We also use the same system for all our other products, including dog crates, food and water bowls and pet toys. So you can use the same system to buy everything from the same store.

Is there anything else I need to be aware of?

We are happy to provide advice on any safety issues you are experiencing when using our products. You can email us at [email protected] or you can chat with us on our live chat feature on the website.

Your dog and other pets will also be protected by the same safety standards as you.


Is the seat extender tested?

Yes, we have used the same system for our pet products and are certified by the AA.

How safe is the seat extender?

Our pets have not been harmed by any pet product we have made. We will always look after you and your dog with our products.

Does it fit my car?

We have tested our products to fit most car seat bases. We have tested all of our products for their safety, and the seat extender should be safe to use with most cars.

Is it safe to leave my dog in the car without the seat extender?

Our products are safe to use with your dog inside the car. They are also safe to leave in the car for longer than is recommended. We will always recommend leaving your dog in a car for a maximum of 30 minutes and for as short a period as possible.

How do I clean it?

We recommend cleaning with a suitable solvent, such as a car cleaner, and a clean, damp cloth.

Can my dog go on the seat extender?

Our products are safe for dogs and cats to use. Please consult with your veterinarian regarding use in pets that are prone to overheating or becoming overheated.

How long is it recommended to leave my dog in the car?

We will always recommend leaving your dog in the car for a maximum of 30 minutes and for as short a period as possible.

Can I clean the seat extender with my car air freshener?

We recommend cleaning the air vents of your car and cleaning the seat extender with a suitable solvent, such as a car cleaner. Please note that this may remove the air freshener that your car may have.

Can I have my dog sit on the seat ext

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