Superman dog collar tag

Superman dog collar tag

It's the new tag I ordered from the web. I think it'll work pretty good. I hope. I ordered it last Friday. I got it Saturday. I'm not really worried about the shipping cost. I think it cost a whole $.40 to send this package to me. I'm not going to try and hide the tag. I'm not that big of a coward.

The mn reason for the tag is so that I can identify it. I've been wanting to know how long it's been there. It's been there for several years. I bought it back when I was about a year old. It's worn pretty well. I was also thinking I might be able to find out what kind of dog it was.

We found the dog after it had been hit by a car and dragged down the road. He'd been hit on the side of the head. When I found him, he was still alive, but he was bleeding. I don't know how bad the wound was.

He was pretty emaciated. He was probably about a year old or older.

He had a collar with the name, "Smitty". We don't know where the collar was made or who it belonged to.

I put the tag in an envelope and I wrote "Found 11/30/04" on the outside. I took a picture of it. I'm going to try and contact the owner by eml when I get home from work tomorrow.

I don't know where the tags were made. I bought it online at a company called PetSafe. You can find the tags at a store called Puppy Barn. They can be ordered on the internet.

It would be nice to know the dog's name.

I have had a couple of questions.

If the dog was wearing a collar, how long would the tags be?

I'm thinking the tag will probably be about 5 inches long.

Also, is it a collar tag?

The tag says "Collar Tag".

If it is a collar tag, is it possible to order a tag from the tag company without an owner having to place the tag on the collar?

I think that I could probably order one of the tags, the tag itself, the collar and a couple of pieces of Velcro to attach the tag to the collar.

I would like to place the tag on the collar myself. I don't really want to use a safety pin.

Can the tag be removed and placed somewhere else?

I have to find out where the tags were made. I have to find the company that makes them. I have a couple of questions for the company.

Also, the tag doesn't say which company made it.

Is it possible to find out what company made the tags if I have the tag number and the company name?

I also want to know if I can buy the tag on the web. If I can, I'll buy another tag.

I bought two. If the one I just bought breaks, I will order another.

If you could answer my questions, I'll give you the eml address for the owner. I don't know the eml address. The owner hasn't come forward. I don't know if he has any information on the dog's history.

I have found a website for the company called PetSafe. There's no address on the website. The website is:

I called them today and I asked them to please tell me what company I need to call. They didn't have an answer for me. They don't know what company the dog's tags were made for. They sd they'd get back to me tomorrow.

I ordered the collar and tags from this company. I've ordered two tags before. I didn't use this company because I don't know what company it was.

I have the address of this company if I need to order another tag.

I don't know if this is a collars tag.

It looks like a collars tag. It's only got one place for a name.

This tag was made before I was born.

I bought the collar in 1999.

I think I can use this tag to track the tag number.

I'm going to try to track this tag number, if I can find it, and then find the company that made the tags. I don't know if this tag number is a company number. I'm going to contact this company, if I can find it.

I would really like to know the dog's name. I think it's a boy. He was a small dog. It's hard to tell. He's very small.

I want to know the dog's history. I want to know if anyone has adopted the dog. I want to know if someone has stolen it and put it up for sale.

I don't know what kind of dog it was.

I don't know if the dog was a pit bull. I'm not sure. It doesn't look like a pit bull. It's too short. It looks like a toy poodle. It was pretty short.

I don't know if this was a pit bull. I'm not sure.

It's too small to be a pit bull.

I don't know if it was a pit bull that was born in a pit.

I think this dog was a pet, but I don't know if it was the pet of someone who worked for the company that made the collar. I don't know if this dog was stolen and then sold as a pet or if it was adopted by someone who worked for the company that made the collar.

I don't know if it was a pet that someone else bought.

I don't know if it was someone's pet and they lost it.

I don't know if it was someone's pet and the owners got a new dog and they gave this dog away.

I don't

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